The Best Virtual Data Room Software for Secure Business Communication

No business transaction is possible without proper communication. But when discussing sensitive topics and sharing sensitive data, your information is at its most vulnerable. Using untrustworthy sources for business communication, such as emails, can cost a company great losses: money costs, loss of customers and reputation, deal breakdown, and, worst case, even bankruptcy. In addition, the risk of data leakage is very high if companies do not use proper document storage and sharing solutions. Use the best virtual data rooms for maximum collaboration security.

DataSite Merrill VDR

DataSite Merrill has been on the market for many years. Although it started as a financial, communications, and printing business, it is now actively developing as a SaaS technology company. Such vast experience could not simply disappear without a trace, so now the provider provides one of the most reliable security systems, which will be an excellent shield for transactions of any complexity. Datasite is suitable for large companies with high income because its rates are among the highest on the market. Customer support for the software is available in 20 languages so that a company from almost any country can purchase the product without fear of a language barrier. Of the major security features, Datasite Merrill offers:

    • 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Automatic reports and audit logs
    • Two step authentication
    • Dynamic watermarks

BrainLoop VDR.

BrainLoop is one of the first representatives of VDR, which appeared in 2000. Now it is a reliable, convenient, and efficient platform for secure storage and exchange of sensitive data for any business. As a quality virtual data room provider, BrainLoop offers security features such as encryption, automatically generated watermarks, a question-answer section, etc. But what sets it apart is that it provides integration with your existing business structure, speeds up the process of adapting to the space, and saves you money on cloud storage. Customers note that it’s very easy to work with the provider; the main features include:

      • Mobile interface
      • Multilingual support
      • Mass downloads
      • Encryption when saving and opening a document

iDeals VDR

iDeals has earned a good reputation in many business sectors, including investment banking and law. The provider’s main goal is to provide customers with a secure and user-friendly solution. VDR automates data organization processes and supports more than 25 types of documents to avoid manual conversion. The provider offers security features such as two-factor authentication, fence view, data encryption, and more. Key features of iDeals include:

        • Flexible collaboration customization tools
        • Customizable audit reports tracking user activity
        • Intuitive interface
        • Mass downloads, regardless of quantity and metering data

Ansarada VDR

Ansarada Data Room has extensive functionality and offers more than 100 features to support your business activities. Among them, we can highlight advanced security controls, digital rights management, and reports that track activity and show the real interests of potential partners and customers. Customers note the program’s comfortable interface and the good responsiveness of the support team. In addition, Ansarada uses AI features to optimize transaction steps:

Key features:

          • Failure-free performance up to 99.9%
          • Secure document viewer
          • Customizable watermarks
          • Real-time audit trail

Citrix ExchangeDocument VDR

VDR provider Citrix is ready to support your business regardless of the type of transaction you want to make. Often, Citrix acts as the primary resource for storing and exchanging information. It offers all the features you need so a transaction can be done remotely:

          • Electronic signatures
          • Watermarks
          • Download tracking
          • Collaborative use
          • Detailed access permissions